Systems for the Adventure Professional.

Using 'Lean' Business management techniques to assist you to streamline your operations, to be more efficient using modern technology suited to the outdoor industry and bringing best practice from a global perspective.

Taking Outdoor Adventure Forward

Using Global experience and industry skills & knowledge to improve the outdoor adventure industry or any other business, to do the things you enjoy, without disregarding the admin you dislike.

My Mission

To provide a value for money service, enhancing customer’s own businesses with international best practice knowledge and skills drawn from 30 plus years of experience in and for the Adventure Industry. Providing a set of “Fresh Eyes” for your business.

My Vision

Is to help develop an industry that provides efficient operational systems and genuine pathways to a professional career for staff facilitating adventure based activities to it’s clients by utilising the most effective and cost efficient methods possible whilst retaining full compliance and safety for all. Becoming an Adventure Instructor/Guide should be a perfectly normal career choice free from poor workplace experiences and unnecessary training or burdens designed more to make money for others rather than enhancing the work experience of the Instructor/Guide..

My Standards

There are many different standards applied throughout the world. I hold qualifications from three different countries, Australia, South Africa and the UK, and worked with the UIAA International Training Standards Commission for 10 years. This experience brings a good overview of the industry standards worldwide. I am pleased to say that I adhere to the ATTA Guide Qualifications & Performance Standard as far as is possible, but understand that individual operators may not need to fulfill all aspects of the standard.


Thirty Plus years global experience providing excellent service regarding the sustainable commercial, social and environmental impact of systems and activities with safety and safeguarding as a priority. Andrew Friedemann along with his wife Michelle, own AdventurePro, Andrew is the primary person carrying out its functions personally. With international experience and qualifications in a diverse range of specialisations and a core value of operating in a ‘Lean Business’ environment, AdventurePro can offer cost effective systems and services to any business. With thirteen years experience providing high quality training and administration for Government funded projects in the Outdoor and Adventure industries,we specialise in developing efficient and cost effective training and operations solutions based on real workplace demands experienced in developing countries adapted to first world situations and compliance. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, or throw away money when the same job can be done cheaply yet effectively.

My Recent Work


Quality Assurance and Management of International Training Project

Online Database

Online Learner management system for small NVQ Certifying body.

Digital Checklist

Portable all weather administration documents for remote Assessors able to submit data from the field.


Fool-Proof digital PDF forms that self modify.


“Andrew is well known in the outdoor adventure industry. He is affiliated to numerous standards generating and controlling bodies and takes a leading role in all of these. Throughout my years with Outward Bound I have come to realise the qualities needed by an individual to successfully lead and develop any operation. These include strong leadership abilities, assertiveness, being well-spoken, compassion, a will to succeed, hard working, understanding of experiential education and a solid knowledge of adventure based activities and its related safety aspects. I can say without a doubt that Andrew holds all these qualities and more.”
Kobus Bresler, Adventure Works Africa
“…a dedicated individual who is passionate about his work. He continues to persevere long after others have quit. He commits himself and others to the highest standards both professionally and personally, yet is not aloof. He is willing to help and freely offers his time and expertise for the benefit of others in the outdoor adventure industry. His work in the Adventure industry is well respected amongst those who know him…”
Alan Champkins
“We met Andrew Friedemann when he facilitated a training workshop, which we attended, for would-be assessors. We were impressed, among other things, by his ability to make the complex comprehensible, by his vast range of skills and his accessibility to us as learners, by his patience, sense of humour and ability to analyse and put sensitive and difficult issues in perspective. Andrew guided us through the process with consummate skill, in the process demonstrating by his example, what was expected of us in our new roles and assisting us in interpreting and understanding the requirements and intricacies. We found him to be encouraging and exacting.”
Madi Grey & Allison Riches
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About AdventurePro

No matter how careful we are in our businesses, when we are continuously exposed to situations every day we grow accustomed to the situation as being ‘normal’ and then begin to not see the problem areas our customers see which could give them a negative image of your company and facilities.

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