Whether it be simple or difficult questions about best practice, technical advice or legal compliance, AdventurePro Consulting can assist you or your organisation achieve best practice.

We all understand the need for technical advice to meet our statutory duty of care and due diligence, but something very often overlooked is the fact that we get used to the problems or way we have always done things and no longer see them as problems or that there may be a better way. Our “Fresh Eyes” approach is designed specifically to ask the question “Why” are you doing that, or doing it that way? Far too many times when we ask “Why?” the answer is because that is the way it has always been done, or that’s what the SOP says.

Competence and efficiency is knowing what to do and why you are doing it. In our experience, more than 40% of people we have worked with are doing things out of rote with no understanding of why they do it, or they are doing things that are totally unnecessary.

The AdventurePro consultancy is there to ask questions. We may not know all the answers immediately but with our network of subject matter experts around the world who re regularly collaborate with, we can find the answer for you, letting you get on with what you do best.

Technical Consultant Work

  1. Providing technical advice for climbing, abseiling, mountain walking, adventure based learning, group dynamics, adventures at height and general safety.
  2. Program development advice
  3. International best practice advice
  4. International qualifications transfer and comparability

Compliance Surveys

  1. Ensuring compliance with statutory and internal operational procedures.