Job Description

DatabaseThe client is a small NVQ Certifying body and required a student management system which would be accessible by remote operating staff. Their brief included:

  1. Must be able to be accessed by remote travelling staff.
  2. Reduce multiple handling of data.
  3. Generate statutory reports automatically from entered data.
  4. Give instant access to quality assurers and moderators.
  5. Have data integrity and be securely accessible.

AdventurePro developed an online database using the WordPress platform. WordPress was decided on to reduce cost as much as possible through the use of free of low cost plugin applications. The system developed ended up do far more that originally intended, and it can be expanded as the organization’s needs change with little extra cost. Reviewing industry norms for a system like this revealed that a similar custom designed system would cost in the region of at least £10 000, but this system was developed for under £2500 with annual running cost less than £300.

A similar system is presently being designed of a National Governing Body (NGB) to include, member registrations and fee payment gateway, training course and assessment logging as well as member online logged experience. The aims of this system, are to:

  1. Reduce human administration time.
  2. Speed up registration, issue of membership certifications.
  3. Take payments from members and issue receipts.
  4. Provide digital logbooks for members so that when awards are issued, assessors have immediate access to the data.
  5. Issue Awards only when all administrative tasks are complete, and create online downloadable awards certificates are only awarded when all quality assurance functions are complete.

Computers were meant to make life easier and more efficient. Poor application of the technology has in fact increased the workload for most people instead of reducing it. AdventurePro‘s aim is always to get technology to work for us, not us for it.