Job Description

online_formsThe client needed an Enrolment form that would ensure all details required were provided and not skipped as was often the case. In addition their wish list was that the form adapts itself to specific questions depending on what was selected. Up till then, most forms came back incomplete and required follow up administration to obtain the correct details from participants.

Two specific problems needed to be resolved:

  1. The form should not require and paid for software to be used.
  2. It should have the option to fill it in by hand if it was not possible to do so by computer.

AdventurePro created an PDF based form which was both self adapting and able to be filled in by hand if necessary. The result of this was a change in returned forms being 98% correctly filled in as opposed to the 40% which was the norm previously.

Recently Completed Work Includes:

  1. Enrolment form for NVQ training.
  2. Portfolio of Evidence framework. This is a single PDF document which adapts and asks for relevant information relating to the assessment process of Learners. The final completed document will guarantee every piece of evidence required and all administration has been completed.
  3. Charity sign up form for fundraising.
  4. Administration training document for training new staff in the companies administration process.