Job Description

HandheldField based Assessors for a company offering NVQ assessments required a means to allow Assessors to complete observation checklists in the field which being outdoors were often plagued by bad weather making the use of paper inefficient for a number of reasons:

  1. Paper based forms tended to get destroyed by the conditions. (wet, dirty etc)
  2. Paper based forms tended to get in the way when Assessors were participating in adventure based activities along with the Students.
  3. A duplication of work was being experienced as Assessors generally had to transfer their handwritten notes to a second system on returning to their offices.
  4. Administration was delayed due to field Assessors not being motivated to complete administration once back at the office.
  5. Student signatures were being gathered on paper based forms which were usually not the final form submitted for portfolio purposes. (see 3 above)

To resolve this problem, AdventurePro designed an electronic checklist for the client that could be filled in on any Android or IoS device (mostly the Assessors mobile phone) and submit the completed form to the head office immediately from the field. The system allowed:

  1. Forms and checklists could be filled in in the field.
  2. The devices are small, so easily carried.
    • Assessors already carried their own mobile phones, so in most cases these were also used to fill in the forms.
  3. Signatures can be obtained directly onto the handheld device.
  4. No duplication of administration as the electronic form automatically generated a secure PDF of the report including: Report, Notes, Signatures, Geolocation info and even photos taken during assessments.
  5. The completed report could be electronically submitted form the field, so there was no need for further administration by the Assessor on returning to the office.

Recently Completed Forms Include:

  1. Pre walk risk assessment and conditions report for Nordic Walking Instructors
  2. Field evaluation checklist for Adventure Guide practical assessments
  3. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
  4. Daily Site safety walkaround checklist