Job Description

Recently  we were intimately involved in the quality assurance of a large Government funded training project in South Africa to train and assess 30 Adventure professionals for statutory qualifications, technical training and wilderness first aid.

Beyond Expectations… This particular project was fraught with problems from the beginning. A late start, low basic education levels amongst many of the participants, a huge diversity of activities ranging from Skydiving, to Abseiling, to White Water Paddling, Ziplines and Mountain Biking amongst others, and based in a remote area of South Africa.

The project saw us moving six trainers from Cape Town and Andrew from the UK to oversee the project.

The outcome surpassed all we were expecting. We are very happy with the intervention and are satisfied that these guides will be ambassadors for the industry going forward. This project also confirmed that our ‘paperless’ and remote assessment tools work well in widespread and infrastructurally challenging conditions.