The way you do things should not take up the time you need to do what you really want to be doing. AdventurePro Systems can streamline your operation to make it 'Lean' yet still meet all compliance requirements. Be it going 'paperless', online systems, portable IT etc. we can help you decide on or build a system to be proud of.

We believe that anything that takes you away from or your mind off your primary task is a waste of your time and effort. If you are training a group to go mountain biking, but are spending more than a minute or two doing admin related tasks, there is something wrong with the way you are doing it. The facilitator is there to train MTB, not do admin. BUT we acknowledge there is admin to be done. AdventurePro‘s aim is to find ways to make the admin as seamless and unobtrusive as possible, yet maintain conformance and safety.

We also feel passionately about not doing the same tasks twice, or repetitive handling of information. Our aim is that information is handled as little as possible, preferably only once in any activity or process.

Our other goal is always to use the most cost effective solution to any problem. For example there is a lot of expensive solutions to many of the things we do. The fact is not many of us can afford them especially in the Outdoor/Adventure industry. We try as far as possible to use freely available solutions adapted to our needs. For example, where Java enabled PDF documents are used, we will always try to ensure the end user can do so with the freely available Readers, so that specific software does not have to be purchased.

Operational Systems Development

  1. Paperless operations and reporting.
  2. Streamlining admin procedures for staff.
  3. Automating administration.
  4. Remote submission of administration documents.
  5. Online admin management

‘Lean’ Business Systems

  1. Making the most of a little. Doing miracles with almost nothing.