OnceOne thing that can really save time, money and effort, that everyone can do yet does not, is to ‘Handle Once’. What do I mean?

Whatever you are doing, if you ‘Handle Once’ whatever it is, you will save more time then you thought possible. Whether it be emails, gear handling, making a decision on something or just filling in a form. Take for example emails – probably the biggest place we waste time. When you open an email and read it, deal with it there and then. Most people read all their emails, prioritise them and then deal with them in whatever order they have decided is best. This wastes time. If you open, deal with it and close. Job done, saving you having to come back to it.

I often see staff running activities, who will bundle gear into a bag at the end of a session, carry it back to wherever then unpack and sort it out ready for storage. In 99% of cases the gear could be sorted ready for storage the first time, saving handling it twice.

Mentally we shy away from tasks we do not want to do, but ultimately this takes up even more time. Try this yourself consciously and see how there is an initial resistance to doing it, but once you start, you will be surprised how much more efficient it is.

Deal with it once.